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Welcome To Namaste Technologies INC

Leading the way in the advancement of the Vaporizer industry. Namaste Technologies Inc is made up of a collection of the most hopeful global vaporizer distributors, Manufacturers and news providers.
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Welcome To Namaste Technologies INC

Namaste Vapes Inc has had a great year and is looking forward to seeing much more. It is going to be a promising future.

Investor Relations


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Namaste Technologies Inc

Since 2008, the number of U.S. “vape shops has grown to about 8,500, and the sale of electronic cigarettes and supplies climbed to $3.5 billion. Vaporizers are growing in popularity around the Globe. Namaste Technologies Inc is keeping itself ahead of the game.

Global Retail & Distribution

Namaste Vapes UK

12A Learoyd Road
New Romney, Kent
TN28 8XU

Phone: 020 3608 3136
Email: info@namastevapes.co.uk
Website: www.namastevaporizers.co.uk

NamasteVapes USA & Grizzly Originals

11718 SE Federal Hwy – Suite 364
Hobe Sound,FL

Phone: 1-800-892-3695
Website: www.namastevaporizers.co.uk

NamasteVapes Canada

1661 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
R3J 3T7

Phone: 1-800-892-3695
Website: www.namastevapescanada.com

NamasteVapes Australia

1171 Willoughby Road
Crows Nest

Phone:02 8036 3184

NamasteVapes New Zealand

Suite 203, 20 Vivian Street
Te Aro, Wellington 6011
New Zealand

Phone: (04) 280-7489
Email: info@namastevapes.co.nz
Website: namastevapes.co.nz/

Green Vapes

Phone: 020 8133 3775
Website: greenvapes.co.uk

Namaste Vapes Ireland

Abbey Lodge
Dundalk Street
Carlingford, Louth, Ireland

Phone: (076) 606-0034
Website: www.namastevapes.irish

NamasteVapes Espana

6 Citibox Networking

Avda. del Plá, 124 – 12

Jávea 03730 (Alicante)

Phone: +34-931842071
Email: info@namastevapesespana.com
Website: www.namastevapes.es

Namaste Vapes Germany

Ihr NamasteVapes™

Tel:(+49)(040) 87 40 85 07
Öffnungszeiten: 10 Uhr bis 22 Uhr
Montag bis Freitag

Namaste Israel

Namaste Italy

Namaste Vape France

NamasteVapes Sweden

NamasteVapes Denmark

NamasteVapes Brazil

NamasteVapes Columbia

NamasteVapes Mexico

Namaste Technologies Inc Main Office Contact Info

Namaste Technologies Inc. US Office
5155 Corporate Way, Suite K
Jupiter, Florida 33458
Tel: 1-800-892-3695

Namaste Technologies Inc
1600 – 100 King Street West
Toronto, ON, M5X 1G5

Bahamas office:
Namaste Bahamas Inc.
Suite 303, 1 Bay St.
Nassau Bahamas
Tel: +001-561-542-5052

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