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Namaste Vapes

Premium dry herb vaporizer stores with a focus on affluent 25-45 year olds.

Leading online vaporizer store in UK and Canada and 15 countries worldwide

Everyone Does It

A reliable and affordable online headshop that focuses on high quality Glass pieces and Vaporizers.

Everyone might be doing it, but we do it best. The EDIT brand was our first foray into production and manufacturing.

Namaste MD

Our Medical Cannabis Prescription Platform

A safe, simple and easy way to facilitate medical cannabis prescriptions to eligible patients in Canada via telemedicine.

Cann Mart

CannMart is Canada’s first licensed non-cultivator.

Our Vision is to create a full cannabis experience, through all of Namaste Technologies platforms, creating the ultimate cannabis marketplace. CannMart presently offers medical cannabis within Canada.


The Ultimate Cannabis Journal

Uppy is a new and innovative app for anyone desiring to get the very best from their medical cannabis. Precisely record and monitor anything and everything to do with your medicinal cannabis intake.

Australian Vaporizers

Largest Australian vaporizer supplier & speedy shipping through Australia Post.

We brought some of our wonders down under in this tailor made Australian site.

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With headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, and offices around the globe, Namaste Technologies is the world’s leading online platform for cannabis products, accessories, and education.

Our mission is to leverage technology to build the world’s first personalized health and wellness marketplace; a platform where consumers can learn about health and wellness products, interact with a variety of brands, and make easy, informed purchases.

Our global technology and continuous innovation addresses local needs in the medical cannabis industry.

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