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Meni Morim

Dave has spent the last 14+ years in various roles in the Operations field, most of that time in the footwear industry. He has managed significant global operations; focusing mainly on warehousing, distribution, logistics, & customer service where he has been fortunate enough to build amazing teams with some very successful brands.

Chad Agate

Chad has 20 years of experience building disruptive technology businesses, leading technical teams and product life-cycle management. He was founder and co-founder of three US start-ups, servicing mid-market and enterprise firms.

Faraaz Jamal

Faraaz Jamal has over 12 years of experience in formulating data-driven strategies in both e-commerce and marketing. He has forged a unique path in his current and previous roles, developing exceptional teams of performance marketers, brand managers, and e-commerce experts.

Alexander Liszka

Alexander has over 15 years of international legal practice experience rooted in commercial negotiation, regulatory compliance and project development specializing in highly regulated markets and industries across North America, the UK, Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Lars Pastrik

Lars Pastrik has over 20 years of experience designing and implementing People & Culture strategies in both the health care and technology sectors. In his most recent roles within technology, Lars worked with small and medium sized companies to help them grow by implementing people strategies that helped attract, motivate, and retain talent.

Slava Klems

Edward Miller