QA Engineer

Namaste is looking for a QA Engineer to join our team. The right person will be extremely organized, have an unparalleled eye for detail, and be confident in their findings to act as the final say on whether code is ready for production or needs a rework. An understanding of the development process is a must, however the individual for this role does not necessarily need experience coding as much as they need experience testing website features and trying to break them. You must possess an almost obsessive-level for attention to detail and an ability to think outside of the obvious ways of using features to be capable of excelling at finding ways something could be used that a developer may not have thought of. Beyond working in the software development process you should enjoy working in an evolving industry.

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We believe in building a team where developers can have access to an environment of growth and incredible opportunities. Our culture is based around the proactive, selfless values that make up every Namaste tribe member.

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