Lift & Co. Expo Toronto 2019: The rise of Namaste Technologies


Namaste Technologies is excited to be in attendance at the 2019 Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo, the first Toronto show since cannabis was legalized last year. Attending the expo? Come visit us at BOOTH #503, where we’ll be showcasing the latest products and services from NamasteMD, CannMart, and Namaste Vapes Canada.

A professional lift

Our management team and support staff will be on hand at the industry-only trade show on Friday, June 7. The industry-only day offers opportunities for cannabis professionals to kick-start meaningful conversations, relationships and deals. As leaders in the global cannabis industry, we’re looking forward to engaging with our fellow exhibitors in this exclusively professional environment.

Our customers, our family

The Expo Consumer Weekend (Saturday, June 8 – Sunday, June 9) will feature more than 250 exhibitors from Canada and around the world, and more than 100 speakers including the industry’s most knowledgeable and inspiring movers and shakers. More importantly, this is our chance to get up-close-and-personal with Canada’s cannabis consumers, professionals and investors. After all, it’s our customers that have made us the company we are today, pushing us forward, making us better. And we’re grateful for them all.

Home consultations and home delivery

Based on customer feedback, the NamasteMD team has made incredible advancements to the app, making it easier than ever for patients to gain online approval for medical cannabis documents. The improvements include extended compatibility for more devices, enhanced video experience, and a more streamlined appointment flow. We’ve taken steps to re-organize our nurse practitioner and patient coordinator teams with an aim to improve overall customer satisfaction. The faster our patients can receive approved documents from qualified health professionals, the faster they can access the products they want.

Shop smart, shop CannMart

CannMart is the first-ever sales-only licensed producer in Canada, with the ability to ship medical cannabis sourced from a number of LPs to approved Canadians from coast-to-coast. Our curated assortment of lab-tested cannabis products is always growing, featuring new and innovative products not found at recreational retail outlets. We currently offer free shipping on orders over $100 and same-day delivery in the GTA through our partners at Pineapple Express Delivery. Why shop regular retail again?

Medical cannabis is the superior option

Some Canadians may be wondering why medical cannabis is still necessary in Canada, since products can now be accessed through recreational retailers without the need for documents. But for us, it’s about recognizing the unique needs of people that use cannabis to relieve various health and wellness issues, so we support them through our dedicated network of nurse practitioners, patient coordinators and customer service specialists. Also, most Canadians don’t understand the legal and financial benefits to purchasing medical cannabis, including the ability to claim it on your tax return, potential coverage through health insurance plans, and the opportunity to receive special pricing for Canadian Veterans and low-income patients.

Vaping is not just for cannabis anymore

Namaste Vapes is one of the largest providers of herbal vaporizers and accessories in the world. In Canada, we’re working hard to source our selection of premium products from only the most trusted and reliable brands in the industry, and at competitive prices, too. Our customers are educated, curious, discerning and adventurous. They know that only a top-quality vaporizer will deliver that sought-after smooth and flavourful experience. They also know that vaporizers are a wonderful aromatherapy tool that can be used with a wide range of natural herbs – consider adding lavender, chamomile, basil or peppermint to your next session!

We’re always learning, sharing

We love our team. The company is proud to announce the creation of its technical blog, where our engineers will post articles sharing key technology developments we’re working on behind the scenes. We do this to increase company transparency, to share our ideas with other thought leaders in the tech space, and to continue to revolutionize the cannabis technology domain by attracting top tier talent. Maybe you?

Visit us at Booth #503 at the Lift & Co. Expo in Toronto from June 7-9. 2019. The teams from NamasteMD, CannMart and Namaste Vapes Canada are expecting you. And don’t forget to register for our newsletters while you’re there – you’ll be glad you did!